Portasteele® CALCULATOR

The Portasteele® CALCULATOR is the ideal tool for fire servicing. Convert your Portalevel® liquid level height measurements into agent weight (KG/LB).

  1. Highly Accurate:
    To less than 1% It takes into account the dimensions of practically any cylinder, the type of agent being measured and the ambient temperature therefore
    providing accurate results in a variety of conditions.

  2. Save Time & Cost:

    Quick and easy method for calculating the gent mass from the liquid level of any agent. Decreasing the time to regularly and effectively test cylinder agent
    weights, when paired with a liquid level indicator, Portasteele® CALCULATOR will reduce the inconvenience and costly hours required for testing.

  3. Compare Previously Saved Cylinders and Results:

    Instantly calculate the exact agent mass within the cylinder. All the data is pre-loaded onto the device so no manual calculation is required by the

  4. Reporting:

    Simply input the cylinder dimensions, agent type, temperature and liquid level. Record, save and download the results to enhance your servicing and share the
    report with shareholders.


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