Recycling and Recertification Services

Ensuring that the fire suppression chemical used to recharge your clean agent system meets specifications is just as important as making sure the system does not leak and that it functions properly when activated.

Wesco will take your decommissioned clean fire suppression gases; recycle them back to their original factory specification; return them to you in a bulk, DOT-approved commercial cylinder; and provide independent laboratory certification.

  • Guarantee your customer an NFPA 2001 compliant system
  • Be certain of what is inside your customer’s cylinder
  • Safely secure your decommissioned clean agent gases in DOT-approved storage cylinders
  • Save space in your warehouse

When recharging a Clean Agent System, are you OK with, “It probably meets spec” … ?

When you need a suppression system discharge, you need action and you need it fast.

Call Wesco on our 24/7/365 hotline at 1-(800)-433-1751

Wesco promises quick and reliable service, no matter what time of day or night, to repair and refill your system immediately.